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Youth Injury Prevention

Coaches to Coaches

Neurological and movement training are important components of injury prevention. Ankles, knees and Achilles tendons are often compromised due to compensation mechanisms in young soccer players with poor mechanics.


To prevent such injuries, we have teamed up with local soccer teams, including the Vancouver Island Wave elite soccer program. This fall, RebalanceMD CEO and physiotherapist (and soccer Dad!), Stefan Fletcher, provided clinics on proper warm-up techniques and injury prevention to all lower Vancouver Island district soccer Coaches.

"We know there are warm-up techniques that will prevent injuries by up to 45-50 percent," says Stefan. He notes that throughout his last few years of coaching soccer on Vancouver Island, there has not been a single injury on his team.

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Watch our Injury Prevention Warm Up Videos

Part of RebalanceMD's sponsorship of the Vancouver Island Wave includes top to bottom biomechanical assessments of the players, as well as the prescription of exercises that will help their mechanical disadvantages and decrease their chances of injury. These types of programs are currently being employed in professional organizations, such as the Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

By educating coaches of all levels in correct warm-up techniques and therapeutic techniques to prevent injury, RebalanceMD intends to maximize their effect on the Vancouver Island soccer community and beyond.

"We get to interface with anywhere from 40 to 100 coaches. Each of those coaches touches 20 to 25 kids," says Fletcher. "The influence we have on the community is far greater. With it comes far greater prevention of injury."

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